Motorcycle Frames

Custom frames are our specialty


The Process

Here at Coyote Coating, we understand that surface prep is the the key to achieving a long lasting and durable finish. By processing each and every part by hand we can guarantee a flawless finish every time. Attention to detail is something we take very seriously.

First: When parts are brought in or received, a thorough inspection is made of every piece, and customers are informed of any issues they may not be aware of. Then a quote for cleaning and prep is issued. We encourage everyone to bring us clean parts, as this will reduce the final costs.

Second: Once an evaluation of a part has taken place, and cleaning is deemed necessary, the part will go through a degreasing and initial cleaning process. Any old paint or coatings are removed through either chemical stripping or media blasting, depending on the type of part.

Third: After all oil, grease, paints and coatings have been removed, the part will be media blasted once again with a fine grade media to create a uniform finish that will ensure an excellent bonding surface for powder coating. While this step is not absolutely necessary, we have found a fine, blasted finish results in a superior finish.

The final step before the powder of your choice is applied, parts go through a final chemical rinse to remove any hand oils or dust that may still be present. Then, very carefully, any areas that need masking, plugs or caps are taken care of. Then parts are transferred to the application booth where the powder coat is applied. The part is then cured in our room sized oven, while parts are monitored for proper curing parameters. Once the parts are cured, they are allowed to cool to room temperature. A final inspection takes place to ensure proper coating was applied, and shipping arrangements are made for the finished product.